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Oklahoma Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns: Shamrock and Kendrick Oklahoma

Old gymnasium in the ghost town of Shamrock Oklahoma

I was out visiting the family for a week this past Christmas and decided to see what I could find around the area. Two places popped up: Shamrock and Kendrick Oklahoma. Shamrock was an oil boom town in the early part of the 20th century thanks to the nearby town of Cushing, which at one point, contained one of the largest oil reserves to date. After the oil boom came and went, so did Shamrock. There isn’t much there and what you see here is about all that is left of the place. It was a bit eery being here. Its sort of like people came and built the town and then left abruptly. I really wish I could have gotten inside the Gymnasium here, but the doors were locked and overgrown with trees and weeds.

An old tractor in the ghost town of Shamrock Oklahoma

Shamrock Oklahoma GYm

Gymnasium Sign

Main Street in Shamrock Oklahoma

Old Water Tower in the Ghost Town of Shamrock Oklahoma

Down the road from Shamrock is the old town of Kendrick. There is not much to this little town, but it does have a nice general store.

General Stores in the ghost town of Kendrick Oklahoma

I spotted this old house on the way to Kendrick. Pretty cool and well preserved.

Old House near Kendrick Oklahoma